Tile setting system

It is always crucial to select the right tile and the right tile installation system.

Crack repair

When there is crack on concrete floor, it might leads to water leakage to the lower floor. Crack and cavity need to be filled and sealed before waterproofing work.

Tiled roof

Roof tiles are one of the common materials to build a roof. The tiles are usually installed in parallel rows, each row overlapping another row below. Tiled roof usually last for many years, but it might fail or leak due to some reasons like extreme weather.

  • Small cracks or holes can be sealed using suitable sealant.
  • When replacing a broken roof tiles, adhesive can be used to secure the position of tiles
  • A new waterproofing layer can be applied easily on existing tiled roof, not only prolong the life cycle of the roof, but also may help to cool down the building when highly reflective white color is used.