Sikalastic®-1 KMY

One component fiber reinforced, flexible cementitious waterproofing compound

Sikalastic®-1 KMY is a one component, flexible, fiber-reinforced mortar, based on cement modified with special alkali-resistant polymers. It also contains fine fillers, selected graded aggregates, plus special waterproofing additives to produce a flexible mortar that is ideal for waterproofing surfaces subject to flexural strain.

  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or trowel
  • Can be applied on damp substrate
  • Good sag resistance and easy to apply on vertical surfaces
  • Flexible crack-bridging properties
  • Very good adhesion to most common substrates (concrete, cementitious mortar, stone, bricks, ceramic and timber)
  • Mixing ratio can be adjusted in order to obtain the consistency and workability
Sikalastic®-1 KMY