Industrialised Building System (IBS) is a mechanical building system for construction works.

In offsite construction - or modular building - typically more than 80% of the construction is completed off site, and the component parts (or modules) are transported to the site for assembly. The sector is growing in popularity due to its many benefits such as less time on the construction site, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, improved quality control, reduced waste and sustainability. It can also help to address specific, local construction challenges, such as dealing with skilled labor shortages or meeting local regulations.

Hand holding metal tray with house building design


Sika offers the industry's widest product ranges. Whether you are creating modules for commercial, retail, education, healthcare, or residential sectors, you can be sure that Sika has the best solution for your needs.

Systems for IBS Wall Panels & AAC / ALC Blocks

Sika - Complete Solution Provider

Reduce material handling and waste for a more
manufacturing process
Expert specification support combining industry
with construction products
Simplified processes to
reduce errors
and rework costs, thereby increasing outputs
Automation for
in labor costs
Industrial robotic arms with conveyor belt assembly line
products and service to meet local and international building regulations
Safe and secure buildings with fire
Improve structural
and reduce weight by use of adhesives
Acoustic solutions to aid noise
and improve comfort