Sarawak, Malaysia

The RM32 million aquatic centre in Petra Jaya was built according to international standards to host the 2016 Malaysian Games (SUKMA) and 2017 SEA Games. The centre consists of competition, diving, training and leisure pools. Formerly known as Sarawak Aquatic Centre, the facilities were renamed by the Sarawak government the Pandelela Rinong Aquatics Centre in honour of the diving queen's achievements at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Sika Solution

Sika provided a comprehensive range of products and solutions such as Sika®-1 for watertight concrete, Sika® Waterbar for joint treatment, Antisol®-A as concrete curing compound, Sikalastic®-110 for pool deck waterproofing, Sikalatex®-118 as additive for cement sand mortar on pool decks waterproofing, Igolflex® R for retaining walls, Sikalastic®-1 KMY for all the pools’ waterproofing, and SikaTop® Seal-107 for internal wet area waterproofing.