Sika® Antisol® A

Water-dispersed, acrylic copolymer based concrete curing compound

Sika® Antisol® A is a water-dispersed acrylic copolymer based curing compound. It is ready for use and simple to apply. Sika® Antisol® A will form a thin film, covering the surface of the concrete to prevent premature water loss due to evaporation.

Sika® Antisol® A provides the following beneficial properties to concrete surfaces:
  • Reduces incidence of plastic cracking
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Reduces dusting
  • Increases frost resistance
  • Replaces labour intensive curing methods such as wet-Hessian, watering, etc.
  • Can be overcoated without affecting the bonding of the subsequent application (concrete surfaces to be washed prior to overcoating in accordance with normal practice)
  • Will not re-emulsify in contact with water therefore allows overcoating even where back pressure of water is expected