Wind turbines need regular maintenance and repair. Sika provides solutions which meet the highest standards in order to execute a clean and neat repair work in a fast and easy way.

Blades, Concrete Elements and Steel Structures of Wind Energy Turbines

The wind turbine business is a rapidly growing industry with huge potential and massive developer interest.

Our unequalled range of technologies and experience acquired over 100 years in many construction and industrial markets allow us to design products with unique properties.

We develop our products for the wind market with the particular requirements of building, erecting and repairing wind turbines in mind to ensure unmatched ease of use and performance.

Repair on the Blade

Blade Repair and Maintenance

Sika manufactures a range of products and solutions for the repair and maintenance of wind turbines:

- Repair sealing applications - Re-attachment of parts - Pin holes - Superficial scratches - Leading edge erosion repair - Lightning strikes and other structural damage - Lightning protection - Winglets and tip extensions

Surface Protection of Concrete

Sika has developed and produced protection systems (coatings or invisible protection) that are used all around the world to protect concrete surfaces and structures for many decades. This includes the protection of all types of buildings and structures, in various types of environment and climatic conditions.

Waterproofing Surfaces

Waterproofing systems for below ground structures are faced with more stringent requirements regarding durability, exposure and stress conditions, construction method and sequence, ease of application, and total cost management. Sika can offer all types of waterproofing solution, from waterproofing mortars to the high durability liquid applied systems.

Concrete Repair and Reprofilling

Deterioration of concrete may happen due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze and thaw cycles, seismic activity, reactive aggregates, etc. Years of research plus decades of practical experience have enabled Sika to develop a fully comprehensive solution which includes bonding primer and corrosion protection and repair mortars to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures. In the event of cracks, Sika’s high performant injection materials can be used for the repair and seal of cracks, voids and joints in the foundations. They are compatible with other Sika systems and the are tested and conform to all the relevant global standards.

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