Northland, New Zealand

Helena Bay Lodge is located on one of the most beautiful sections of New Zealand’s Northland coastline. A magnificent luxury destination, it cost $65 million to complete. When the Lodge opened in November 2016, it was named the best new luxury hotel in the world. It has just five suites, accommodating no more than ten guests in total. For more details and photos of this world class property, visit helenabay.com

Project Requirements

Sika was originally invited to provide specification for just a 10 metre deck. From there our involvement grew to the point where we were eventually involved in multiple areas across the property.

  • Swimming Pool: Waterproofing, tiling, grout & sealant
  • Decks Screed: Waterproofing, tiling, grout & sealant
  • Foyer: Tiling, grout & sealant
  • Steps and stairs: Tiling, grout & sealant
  • Kitchen: Waterproofing, tiling, grout & sealant
  • Gallery: Tiling, grout & sealant
  • Bathrooms: Screed, waterproofing, tiling, grout & sealant
  • Gym/Spa: Screed, waterproofing, tiling, grout & sealant
  • Steam room: Waterproofing around fibre optic lighting, tiling, grout & sealant
  • Fire Pit: Tiling, grout & sealant
  • Facade walls: Tiling & sealant



  • This was a large, comprehensive project in a remote location. Quality was paramount; the build quality had to be as exceptional as the location. Multiple independent tiling contractors working with multiple staff. At one point there were over 60 tilers on site which necessitated constant and accurate communication from Sika.
  •  Quality control was imperative. The 25 meter swimming pool for example sits above a vast basement area that contains two levels that house a number of critical facilities including the main kitchen, offices, power supply room and laundry.
  • Sika supplied a methodology statement containing control checks for every project area we were involved with. The Lead Contractor went over every control check prior to moving on to the next stage. Each control check was signed off under Sika's direction.
  •  In addition there were numerous “outside the brief” situations where unforeseen challenges required fast on-site technical support from Sika.


Products Used

Sika® SealTape S
Sika® Screed Binder
Sika® Screed-1
Sikafloor® Level-15
SikaCeram®-255 Starflex LD
SikaCeram®-240 Rapid
SikaCeram® EpoxyGrout
SikaCeram® CleanGrout
SikaCeram®-T Latex
Sikasil® Color
Sikasil® Pool

Project Participants

Main Contractor
Northern Coastal Developments

Product Specifier

Frontline Developments

Specialist Contractor

Multiple Contractors

Sika Organization

Sika New Zealand


Project Size

10,000 m² plus