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Learn How Sika is Innovating to Address the Need for Speed in Wind Turbine Blade Repair.

As the world accelerates beyond one terawatt of wind energy, the speed and quality of turbine repairs will be vital to maximizing clean energy production. Easy-to-use repair systems, smarter packaging, fast-curing blade repairs and a growing array of robotic maintenance technologies are all part of the answer. A long-time partner to both blade manufacturers and field service teams worldwide, Sika continues to tailor innovative rework and repair solutions that move the industry forward.

Sika Industry - Moving Forward

Towards the Next Terawatt

2023 marks a significant milestone for the wind energy sector. After four decades of continuous growth, the cumulative installed base of wind power reached one terawatt, enough clean energy to light one million homes for a year. The next milestone of two terawatts is expected to be achieved in just the next seven years. With ambitious targets set by the Paris Agreement and COP26 looming, and with up to 75% of today’s installed base of wind turbines soon out of warranty, the need to extend service life and minimize downtime is now more critical than ever.

Repair on the Blade

The Need for Speed

The task ahead for industry OEMs, ISPs and asset owners is a massive one, requiring hundreds of thousands of repair technicians to inspect and maintain complex technologies in some of the most challenging locations on earth. Above all, their success will depend on one factor: speed. Speed of training. Speed of execution. Speed of supply chains. And, of course, the speed of innovation that makes it all possible.

Supporting the Next Phase of Growth


To support this growing need, Sika collaborates closely with wind energy partners to ensure that every repair technician has the most effective and cost-efficient solutions at hand. Custom repair systems that are market proven and easy to use. Products tailored to new conditions. And the logistics, training and technical support needed to ensure quality and consistency across the globe. With every collaboration, the list of time-saving innovations continues to expand.

Fast-Curing Blade Rework and Repair Systems


For addressing blade defects, Sika’s latest hand lamination system is poised to significantly shorten cycle times for a wide range of in-factory rework and field repair jobs. SikaBiresin® CR910 is a fast-curing system designed to reduce cycle times in rework applications for blade production and field repair while allowing enough potlife to mix and apply the material. Engineered together with TPI Composites, the world’s leading independent blade manufacturer, this advanced epoxy resin system has proven to accelerate both infusion rework and hand lamination repair applications. “I think anyone interested in a fast-curing, versatile system with the potential to reduce cycle times for rework application in serial production should have a look,” says Roger Schütt, Global Technical Program Director, TPI Composites. “During the testing phase,” he adds, “we also very much appreciated that Sika, as a big global player, was able to deliver material easily to our production sites around the world.”

Faster Blade Balancing

Another labor-intensive task, which can result in significant energy production losses for extended maintenance downtime, is blade balancing. For blade models that contain balancing chambers, this crucial process should be relatively streamlined. But all too often, it can be both wasteful and time-consuming, involving manual mixing of ballast materials and imprecise injection through piping bags. SikaForce®-710 L30 makes this process easier than ever before. Thanks to a simple 4:1 cartridge, mixing is quick and precise. And once mixed, the high-density liquid ballast has an ideal viscosity for fast, clean and accurate injection. The result is not only an easier, more efficient day on the job for repair workers, but a more effective use of materials and valuable turbine downtime.

The Next Generation: Automated Blade Repair

Despite new materials and new application techniques, a global shortage of skilled rope access teams and repair technicians may pose the industry’s biggest challenge of all. Thankfully, a new generation of companies is emerging to fill the gap. Aerones, BladeRobots and BladeBug are just a few examples of those leading the way in automating tasks ranging from leading edge protection, including grinding, cleaning and surface protection, to blade balancing, and de-icing inspection tasks.Sika works closely with these robotic technology pioneers to co-develop robotic repair processes and integrate a wide range of adhesive, sealant and composite resin materials for groundbreaking applications. As a supplement to skilled technicians, these innovations will not only help ensure faster repair and reduced downtime when workers are unavailable. They will also be able to improve worker safety, reducing the risks associated with human climbing when performing inspections, maintenance and repairs in difficult conditions.

Moving Forward in Blade Repair

These advances in blade balancing, rework and repair are all examples of Sika’s commitment to drive innovation together with partners throughout the wind energy sector. To consistently improve cost-efficiency, safety and overall effectiveness, Sika prides itself on close collaboration with manufacturers and repair service teams to enhance knowledge transfer and maximize the potential of its repair systems. Exciting times lie ahead for the wind energy industry, and for the global transition to clean energy. Together with forward-thinking partners in the field of blade maintenance and repair, Sika continues to develop faster, more reliable ways to enhance blade repair and move the industry forward.

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The challenge ahead for turbine blade repair and maintenance

  • Over 1TW of cumulative installed wind energy capacity by end of 2023
  • >500,000 repair technicians are required by 2026
  • 33% rise in recruitment & training needs for wind turbine technicians in next 5 years
  • 15% year-on-year growth expected for wind turbine installations in the coming years
  • 75% of all installed capacity may soon be out of warranty
  • 45% renewable energy by 2030 according to European targets

Sika Wind Energy partner services include:

  • Technical documentation to support design and simulation
  • Project-specific surface, material and durability testing
  • Implementation and validation support for the right equipment and efficient processes
  • Tailored customer application trainings
  • Production line and process audits
  • Individual, localized customer support



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