Also called high-albedo roof or white roof, a cool roof has the ability to reflect over 65% of the sun’s rays, compared to conventional roofs which repel less than 15%. Cool roofs are able to repel heat because the outermost layer contains special reflective material.

Cool Roofs Offer Many Long-term Benefits to Your Project

  • Reduce the need for mechanical air conditioning and save energy costs
  • Reduce urban heat island effect in cities and suburbs, minimizing thermal impact on the microclimate and on the local environment
  • Minimize heat gain inside buildings, improving occupant comfort
  • Enhance the durability and the appearance of roofs by significantly lowering material temperatures and extending the roof life

Sika Cool Roof Systems – What Makes a Good Product?

Our large product portfolio of waterproofing membranes for flat roofs includes suitable solutions for virtually any application.

Requirements Are Sika Cool Roof Systems Available?
High initial Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) values

High reflectance value after exposure (slight reduction of reflectance during first years until constant color is reached)

→ The benefits of cool roofs (significantly reduced energy consumption) is maintained throughout the service life

Good cleaning properties allow regaining SRI values close to 100% of the initial value

→ Suitability of all technologies for the specific climate must be respected
LEED requirements for LEED Credit 5, Option 1
LEED requirements for other LEED credit options
Single-ply membranes (FPO and PVC)
Liquid-applied membranes and coatings (several technologies)
Compatibility with the entire roof system, including accessories

Proven performance and reliability, high durability

→ Lower surface temperatures increase life expectancy

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) available

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