Penang, Malaysia

Penang Bridge is a dual-carriageway toll bridge linking Penang Island to Peninsular Malaysia. It was built in 1985 and has a handling capacity of 85,000 vehicles daily. The bridge was the longest in Malaysia (13.5 km) at that time.
Following an accidental fire that took place under the bridge, the structure was in urgent need of restoration and repair, as well as additional strengthening. Sika® CarboDur® system with its high strength carbon-fiber reinforced polymer plates allowed this vital artery to be properly strengthened within two short months without any traffic closures.

Project requirements

Rehabilitation of the first Penang Bridge required a strengthening system that was able to compensate for the lost flexural strength and restore structural safety. As the bridge could not be closed to traffic, the strengthening materials had to be transported by boat to scaffolding temporarily suspended below the carriageway. Therefore, the use of rigid steel plates was quickly abandoned due to the weight and handling constraints.

Sika solution

The ultra-lightweight, high-strength carbon- fiber plates from the Sika® CarboDur® range offered the ideal structural strengthening solution.

The damaged concrete was first repaired with the SikaTop® and SikaGrout® products. The affected 40 m-long prestressed-concrete girders were then reinforced by permanently bonded Sika® CarboDur® plates using Sikadur® epoxy adhesive. Within two short months, 4,200 m of Sika® Carbodur® plates were in place to provide the required strengthening and the Penang Bridge was once again fit to accept traffic loads.

Project participants

Penang Bridge Sdn. Bhd.

JTK Consult Sdn. Bhd.

Civil And Structural Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd.

Sika Representative
Steven Ng