Penang, Malaysia

The Paramit Factory in Penang Science Park is a new building for the US-based firm who has been providing design, engineering, manufacturing and post-manufacturing services to medical device and instrument companies since 1988 in Malaysia.

Project Requirements

According to Paramit Corporation CEO, the new factory will not only be an energy-efficient and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility but a workplace that the employees will find stimulating and relish being in a building with a soul. The competition for the design of the factory was won by Design Unit and IEN Consultants with the concept of a "Factory in the Forest".

Sika Solution

On the roof, Sika Sarnafil® PVC membrane (grey colour) is placed over the insulation to ensure a perfect waterproofing solution around the many windows incorporated for an optimum natural lighting. Sarnafil Decor Profiles are used to create an interesting architectural detail over the large uniform areas of the 11,600 m² roof.

A green roof of 2,000+ m² is also waterproofed using Sika Sarnafil® PVC membrane. The work is being carried out by Sarnatec Sdn Bhd, a certified Sika applicator of Sarnafil® products.