Molenbeek-Saintjean, Belgium

On September 1st, 2019, the children of municipal primary school Ket & Co. moved from a temporary school into a new modern facility. They were able to discover all newly renovated areas of their three-story school building, including the entrance, corridors and classrooms.

Project Requirements

The school was looking for a smooth, trendy and durable floor in a light color to visually enlarge the rooms.

Sika Solution

After choosing from specially produced samples, the architects and owners selected Sika® Comfortfloor® PS-24. By sprinkling color chips into the single color base layer, a terrazzo look was achieved. Dirt is less visible and the floor appears to be clean for longer periods of time between cleaning.

Additionally there is a playful effect which attracts the young students. Sika® ComfortFloor® PS-24 is flexible and elastic which reduces echoes and unpleasant noises from steps and falling objects. Approved with the most stringent emission certificates, it helps to achieve clean indoor air. In other words, an ideal floor for a school.

Products Used

Sika® ComfortFloor® PS-24

Project Participants

Administration Communale de Molenbeek Saint-Jean

BPC Bruxelles, Epoxy-Floor

Sika Organization
Sika Belgium