Ovar, Portugal

The architectural award-winning Combatentes Educational Center is in the Municipality of Ovar in northwestern Portugal. This 3.5 million Euro facility was designed to include the total refurbishment of the existing traditional style, two-story, street-fronting courtyard building, plus a totally new and uniquely styled curvilinear building behind it, linked together at both levels with covered corridors.

Gallery photos 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 courtesy of Luis Ferreira Alves

Project Requirements

The Center has many different multi-purpose rooms and specialist areas including classrooms, meeting rooms and assembly halls, a library, music rooms, a gymnasium and changing rooms, a kindergarten/nursery, plus also the canteen or lunchroom and kitchens. These are all linked with wide and airy central corridors, in addition to the covered corridors in the passageways between the buildings.

The architect’s requirements for the flooring systems and finishes were an important aspect of their design. In addition to being available in the striking modern color scheme intended to lift the spirits and ambitions of the students, a totally seamless flooring solution was required throughout the facility. The flooring system had to provide a solution without joints, which would also and equally importantly, provide a high level of comfort underfoot, with sound deadening and footfall noise reduction capabilities, and of course for this type of facility and a healthy environment for the children, the floors all had to be easy to clean and keep hygienic.

Sika Solution

The selection criteria defined by the architectural team was almost a listing of the characteristics and performance specifications of the Sika ComfortFloor® systems, so these were the obvious choice. Sika ComfortFloor® systems have high elasticity, with excellent crack bridging abilities giving a sense of comfort when walking; the elasticity also reduces footfall sound (impact noise) and so creates less disturbance or distraction all around.

These solutions also have low emission of VOC’s and good resistance to fire (Certified to EN Bfl Class S1). For the more aggressively exposed service areas of the kitchens and for other utility areas the highly abrasion and resistant Sikafloor® 264 systems were used, with profiled anti-slip but easily cleaned surfaces where appropriate.

Products Used

Sikafloor® 264 systems
Sika ComfortFloor®

Project Participants

Municipality of Ovar

JCG Construction

Sika Organization
Sika Portugal