Cremona, Italy

Leaf Italy S.r.l (Sperlari) is a leading Italian company in the confectionery industry. The old roof of the factory needed to be repaired so that it would be waterproofed, since it began to show symptoms of leakage and water infiltration. Also, thermal efficiency of the roof needed to be increased by applying a solar reflective coating which would reduce cooling costs of the factory.

Project Requirements

This project is located in a particular geographical area where there is frequent and sudden rain. Therefore, a fast applicable system without the need to strip the existing waterproofing layer of the existing roof was required, in order to avoid interruption of the manufacturing operation.

Due to the extreme weather conditions at the foot of the Alps with large daily temperature variations, the specified system had to be highly elastic to resist loaded stress. In order to improve the thermal insulation of the roof, the specification required a preliminary insulation layer consisting of a two-component, self-expanding polyurethane foam, followed by a fast curing, highly elastic waterproofing system with a highly reflective top coat.

Sika Solutions

After a prior cleaning using high-pressure hydro washing, in order to improve the thermal insulation properties of the roof, about 20 mm of self-expanding polyurethane foam was applied to the full area before the base coat was applied. As base coat of Sikalastic®-821 LV was applied in about 2 mm thickness by means of suitable equipment used for spraying two-component products. For a UV-resistant and highly solar reflective top coat, Sikalastic® -621 was applied with an airless sprayer only 30 minutes after the base coat was finished.

Due to the fast curing progression of Sikalastic®-821 LV and the high efficiency of spray application, the contractor was able to finish the entire roof area application in one day. Subsequent measurements of the roof surface temperature have shown that Sikalastic®-621 can significantly reduce the surface temperature up to over 30 °C compared to uncoated areas. Sikalastic®-621 (RAL 9016 Traffic White) contributes to the achievement of Credit 7.2 “Heat Island Effect – shell” for the sustainability category of the Project (SS). SRI index ≥ 78.

Products Used

Sikalastic®-821 LV

Project Participants

Leaf Italian S.r.l. (Sperlari)

TPA Technical Product Application & Marketing S.r.l. – Milan

Sika Organization
Sika Italy S.p.A.