Structural Bonding

The reduction of weight in transport vehicles results in higher payload, better fuel efficiency, or allows the integration of more comfort.Engineers are integrating components made of non-traditional lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium, and fiber reinforced plastics and composite materials to achieve a lower weight. Sika provides solutions to join dissimilar materials and expertise to cope with thermal expansion and integration challenges. We have a wide range of adhesive solutions for the effective assembly of such lightweight components in the body shop or the assembly line.  

Sika’s global expertise, combined with the local technical service provides commercial vehicle manufacturers optimal solutions for individual weight saving and optimization challenges.

"Sika’s broad set of technologies and competent technical support provide innovative and efficient solutions for lighter vehicles that have lower fuel consumption, higher payload, or increased comfort."

Sika Adhesive Technologies for Lightweight Vehicles

Sika has a unique portfolio of technologies. These were developed by taking our customer's unique challenges in mind. Our smart adhesive and coating solutions have proven their value in countless cases, globally.

High Stiffness and Elasticity SikaForce® Powerflex

Structurally joining large panels of different materials, like lightweight composites with aluminum, creates thermal expansion challenges. Most structural polyurethane or MMA adhesives become brittle in the cold and lose their strength in the warm. SikaForce® Powerflex is a unique adhesive technology that stays flexible and retains its strength regardless of service temperature.

 Panel adhesives
 SikaForce® powerflex technology

Stiffer Body Structures by Using the full Strength of High Strength Steels

Mechanical fixtures such as screws and bolts add substantial weight to vehicles. Using them also creates stress peaks that may result in reduced longevity of the connection or the need for additional stiffening. SikaPower® SmartCore epoxy adhesives provide your engineers with additional tools to reach strength and stiffness requirements. They also allow the integration of ultra-high-strength steel and may even reduce postwork like straightening the parts or need for surface polishing.

Metal adhesives and epoxies

Reinforcing Structures with Carbon Fiber Sheets and Components

SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives allow the stiffening of body structures by combining carbon fiber (CFRP) sheets with the steel structure. CFRP reinforced structures allow a significant weight reduction. With SikaReinforcer® Sika offers reinforced components and inserts for vehicles with large production volumes.

SikaPower® SmartCore technology


SikaDamp® Ultralite Sound Deadening Solutions

SikaDamp® Ultralite is a constrained layer material which provides highly effective sound damping. Up to 80% weight reduction compared with similar products. Targeted damping is a highly effective way to eliminate the noise associated with vibration in body panels.  

Sika as the Customer’s Strategic Partner for Lighter Vehicles

Sika’s global team provides expertise for improved design to realize weight saving potential by the integration of lightweight composite parts or by allowing better use of the steel's strength. Our service includes sets of calculation data to support CAE engineers in simulating bonded structures, adhesive qualification, and testing. Sika Technologies ensure your customers can benefit from a higher payload.