Our turbines are protected from harsh weather conditions using a specially formulated smart coating, adding years to the turbine's longevity. Our nacelle covers and related components are protected using our advanced chemical solutions which bond, seal and protect.

Protecting the Turbines' Heart

Protecting the wind turbine nacelle from extreme climatic conditions is key to ensure turbine longevity.

Sika offers a variety of solutions to ensure a tight and durable seal for nacelle covers preventing ingress by water and other elements.There are many parameters influencing the selection of the ideal solution but your local Sika contact will be able to help you identify the perfect match for your particular application.

As a leader in bonding solutions, Sika also offers a complete range of adhesives to bond nacelle cover elements as well as the various metal and composite parts inside the cover. Using adhesives can speed the construction of the nacelle assembly and also offer bonding and sealing of the assembly in one step saving time.  

Inside of a turbine

Weather Resistant Sealing

The Sikaflex® and SikaSil® range of sealants offer excellent weather resistance and long-term protection against damage caused by water ingress. Their different performance levels allow the user to tailor the end solution to the desired performance / cost specification.

Fast Element Bonding

Elements such as cable fixings and nose insulation material can be durably and rapidly bonded within the nacelle. The Sikaflex®, SikaFast® and SikaPower® products offer a range of fast element bonding solutions for both rigid and flexible bonding applications.

Model and Mold Manufacturing

Sika offers innovative systems for the fabrication of models and moulds.

SikaBiresin® model pastes based on epoxy or polyurethane resins, and SikaBlock® model and tooling boards, offer a wide range of solutions for the cost effective fabrication of perfect quality models. Sika has a wide range of epoxy resins and gelcoats suitable for the production of composite molds. Resins and gelcoats are available with a large span of thermal performance to suit customers production processes.

Parts Production

Sika propose advanced material to manufacture Nacelles and parts with innovative and cost saving technologies.

SikaBiresin® composite resins provide an extensive range of epoxy based systems to produce reinforced plastic parts in combination with carbon, glass and aramid fibres. Several of our customers are using our product systems to produce parts for horizontal and vertical wind turbines because of the high performance, excellent properties and flexibility. Biresin® RIM (reaction injection moulding) systems help to save cost and time for manufacturing of small parts, housings, coverings and shock resistant mouldings by replacing plastic injection.