Sikafloor® Marine acoustic systems improve the environmental conditions in every part of the ship by attenuating the energy transmission and absorbing airborne noise.

Acoustic Flooring for the Shipbuilding Industry

Sikafloor® Marine Visco Elastic Technology

In order to make the interiors of ships more comfortable and quieter, viscoelastic solutions that dampen noise and vibration can be found within the Sikafloor® Marine range.

VEM viscoelastic mortar technology and PU Red technology can be combined with different marine mortars to offer a wide variety of floors. With the right combination you can find the solution that the customer needs taking into account the weight, thickness and level of insulation.

Sikafloor® Marine visco-elastic systems are built up with a flexible layer applied to the deck with a constrained layer installed on top.

The flexible visco-elastic layer is the Sikafloor® Marine VEM technology, a visco-elastic polymer modified mortar. The constrained layer is either a water-based cement mortar compound of Sikafloor® Marine 18, Sikafloor® Marine 118 Fast Cure (FC), Sikafloor® Marine 190, or steel tiles. Sikafloor® Marine visco-elastic have the flexibility and the mass needed to dampen the vibrations of vessels, especially in the lower frequency range produced by engines, thrusters, and other noise sources.

Applicatino of Sikafloor Marine damping floors