Eglisau, Switzerland

The hydropower plant Eglisau-Glattfelden was built from 1915 to 1920. Since 1988, it has been listed among the buildings worthy of protection in the canton of Zurich. In 2012, an investment in new machine groups was done to increase power production by 30%. Furthermore, the building was partly renovated. The ceramic tiling, which had been laid on a thick-bed, was removed and re-designed.

Project Requirements

  • The tiled floor had to remain identical to the old version regarding aesthetics
  • Levelling of the existing concrete floor
  • Fast construction progress
  • No damage of surface through vibration of running turbines, no damage of mixed substrates (re-shaped concrete with cutted steel installation components)
  • Effcient floor structure
  • Highly mechanically resistant floor covering, in order to withstand turbine components, which are used for maintenance works

Sika Solutions

After the subsurface preparation, about 45 tonnes of Sika® Level-340 were installed within 4-5 hours using pumps. Already 24 hours later, the levelling layer was ready for tiling. With a conventional screed, this process would have taken 28 days. To withstand high point loads and to avoid transmission of vibrations to the surface material, the decoupling mat Sika® Permat was installed. Afterwards, stoneware tiles (150 x 150 x 13 mm) were laid diagonally as cross joints on 850 m².

Products Used

Sikadur®-52 Injection
Sika® Primer-10 W
Sika® Level-340
SikaCeram®-252 Flex Rapid
Sika® Permat
SikaCeram®-217 Fibre
SikaCeram®-502 TG Flex
Sikaflex® PRO-3WF

Project Participants

Architectural Office
Architektengruppe Architektur & Baumanagement, Aarau

Tile Setter 
Eduard Meier Plattenbeläge AG, Bülach