Fabric strengthening systems, also called fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems, consist of woven or stitched, unidirectional, carbon and glass fiber fabrics and impregnating resins. This unique combination makes this a multifunctional material for many applications including confinement, shear, and seismic upgrading and strengthening of weak concrete, masonry, natural stone and timber structures.

Sika’s FRP Based Structural Strengthening Systems Have Many Advantages

  • Tested for durability under many demanding conditions to ensure long-term performance in different applications and environments.
  • Proven outstanding performance for strengthening irregularly-shaped structures and substrates.
  • Installation is extremely flexible and easy, ensuring minimal down time.
  • Our products come with over 25 years of experience with projects in all regions.
SikaWrap carbon fiber polymer fabric for structural strengthening

Typical Structural Applications

  • For structural members in compression
  • To enhance load-carrying capacity or ductility
  • Multi-layer applications are possible
Shear Strengthening
  • Non-rectangular cross sections are possible
  • End anchorage with SikaWrap® FX
Seismic Strengthening
  • Mostly using SikaWrap® glass fiber fabrics
  • For passive strengthening solutions
  • Used as an alternative to textile reinforced mortars (TRM)
Weak Substrate Strengthening
  • For strengthening masonry, natural stone walls and other structures
  • Flexural strengthening of weak concrete elements or structures
See a Test Demonstration of SikaWrap®’s Strength in Action