Sikalastic® Metal Primer MY

Self etching, ultra fast curing anti corrosive primer for metal surface

Sikalastic® Metal Primer MY is one component ultra fast curing, self curing polyvinyl butyral based primer. It is a versatile anti-corrosive and pre-treatment primer suitable for metal surface.

  • Outstanding adhesion to zinc and light metals
  • Very rapid drying
  • Outstanding etching effect on zinc and aluminium
  • Passivates and pre-treats galvanized surfaces for subsequent paint application
  • Does not impede welding operations
  • May be topcoated with many types of coatings such as alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxy, polyurethane and vinyl coatings
  • Heat resistance up to 150 °C
  • Versatile and reduces mistake of over or under mixing compared to 2 component systems