Sikalastic®-632 R

Polyurethane 1-part rapid cure liquid applied membrane for roof waterproofing

Sikalastic®-632 R is a polyurethane, 1-part, rapid cure, cold-applied, moisture cured, crack- bridging, liquid applied membrane. Provides a seamless, chemical resistant, durable waterproofing solution for flat or sloping roofs, external balcony and terrace decks.

  • Resistant to root penetration
  • Rapid curing
  • 1-part, cold applied
  • Resistant to chemical exposure
  • No mixing, ready to use
  • Seamless
  • Moisture triggered chemistry (MTC)
  • Moves with normal thermal movement
  • Reinforced system provides waterproofing complex detailing of roof or deck penetrations
  • Rain resistant almost immediately on application
  • Vapour permeable, allows substrate to breathe