We all need roots that we can rely on, just like wood grown as trees with their roots holding them firmly into the ground. Give wood flooring that natural grip back and bond it into position. As in nature, a good bond must have certain flexibility to compensate for differential movement, such as between an inorganic subfloor and an organic wood floor. Sika’s wood floor installation systems are designed to meet the requirements of your selected wood flooring, your new or existing substrate or screed, your flooring contractor and the expectations of the owners and end users.

Architect's office and blueprint on desk with wood floor
Sustainable, Long-Lasting Wood Floors are Our Standard

Sika’s elastic adhesives have now proven themselves over many years, giving wood floors a durable, long-lasting, flexible but firm and resilient bond to the substrate. Our latest products continue the development of this expertise and follow the path of sustainable bonding with adaptable mechanical properties, all to the latest and highest environment, health and safety (EHS) standards.

Wood floor laying is a complex subject, where several parameters must be aligned to achieve good results. In addition to local construction practices, climates and regulations, manufacturers’ specific instructions for wood floor products must be checked before confirming the most appropriate system and build-up.

Wood floor bonding with SikaBond adhesive
Sika Provides a Complete Wood Floor Installation System – From Level to Varnish

Laying a wood floor starts with the analysis and preparation of the screed and ends with varnishing or oiling the wood floor. At Sika we have the products and expertise to help you achieve the best results in all situations. Our system solutions are designed to be balanced, giving your wood floor protection and firm adhesion below, with protection and shine from above. Choose Sika system solutions for the complete installation process from leveling to varnishing.

Our Wood Floor Adhesives Work with many Types of Wood Floor

Wood floor bonding with SikaBond adhesive
Wood floor bonding with SikaBond adhesive
Wood floor bonding with SikaBond adhesive
Wood floor bonding with SikaBond adhesive

And Across Many Types of Projects

Wood floor installed by an infinity swimming pool
Residential living room interior finishing wood floor bonded with adhesive
Wood floor bonding with Casco adhesive in Landamäreskolan school in Sweden
Wood floor in gallery