Sikagard®-680 MY

High performance methyl metacrylate (MMA) compositions for protection and decoration on concrete, masonry and steel structure

Sikagard®-680 MY is a one part solvent containing coating, based on methacrylic resins resistant to weathering, alkalis and ageing. It is available in clear and coloured grades for use on mineral substrates including concrete and other cementitious surfaces. Sikagard®-680 MY protects concrete against aggressive atmospheric influences and promotes a self-cleaning effect on the treated surfaces. It does not adversely influence the characteristic texture of the concrete.

  • Provides excellent weather resistance and is based on a methacrylic resin with fast evaporating solvents
  • Protects the concrete against aggressive atmospheric influences, which can penetrate into the concrete in the form of salts or gases
  • Very high diffusion resistance against carbon dioxide and, therefore reduces considerably the rate and depth of carbonation of the concrete
  • Water vapour permeability is not adversely affected
  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick-up
  • Highly UV-resistant MMA gives exceptional resistance to effects of long-term weathering