Sika® Sigunit® L-53 MY

Alkali Free Liquid Shotcrete Accelerator For Wet or Dry Shotcrete Process

Sika® Sigunit® L-53 MY is a high performance, liquid, alkali-free shotcrete accelerator.

Sika® Sigunit® L-53 MY provides the following benefits:
  • Alkali free (non-caustic) and classified as non-toxic product
  • Fast to very fast setting of shotcrete mixes according to dosage used
  • No strength loss of the accelerated concrete if used correctly
  • No additional contamination of mountain and ground water due to washed out alkalis
  • Large reduction in rebound as long as the spraying is performed according to the state of the art
  • Improves bond of shotcrete to rock and concrete, making overhead spray easier
  • Free of chlorides, no danger to steel reinforcement and steel fibers