Identify the Waterproofing Risk Areas

There are a lot of things in waterproofing specification that can come back and bite you. Ground water contamination issues, product quality, system incompatibility, applicator skill, supplier backup – the list goes on and on.

Don’t approach waterproofing bit by bit. It's too risky an area to have gaps in a specification. It’s no good having a dry roof if the basement isn’t. Or a balcony membrane that can’t be detailed into a window reveal. Fail-safe waterproofing specifications take the whole structure into consideration - top to bottom, basement to roof.

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Waterproofing Specification

Get expert help early. Ask us to provide free specification assistance on any current, large construction project on your desk. Our specification team will give you a clear, concise summary of any risk areas on your project and the best waterproofing solutions for those areas.