Automotive Aftermarket

Sika is the market leader in the Auto Glass Replacement (AGR) direct glazing industry and our success with customers has been based on our unique ability to provide three very valuable services.

First, we provide the lowest cost per installation system in the AGR industry when safety and liability are an issue. Second, we provide the most reliable technical field services in educating technicians. Third, our marketing programs provide the most effective tool to help customers grow their business.

Innovation, coupled with the proven safety, reliability and ease of use of our products, make the Sika System the number one choice of Auto Glass professionals. All Sika Auto Glass adhesive systems have been crash tested and exceed rigorous Federal safety standards (FMVSS 212/208). Installation needs differ from shop to shop and region to region. The unique Sika product range has a product for every installer's need, from the hot and dry climates of the Mojave Desert to the cold and wet climates of the North. Sika's reliability has been proven through the years by millions of successful windshield replacements.