Wherever you go - Sika is there!

The goal of Sika Malaysia is to serve the customer, to be locally present with a full range of the highest quality construction chemicals. On the distributors' shelves, customers find professional solutions, for which top quality demand is always guaranteed.


Supply the contractor, the craftsman and the serious DIYer with relevant Sika products, through distribution channels in a convenient way.

Sika‘s know-how is available in over
100 countries,
on all continents and in all emerging markets.
A huge range of products for sealing, bonding, damping, protecting and reinforcing reflects more than a
century of experience,
gained in innumerable construction sites worldwide.
We provide high performance Sika products that have been approved on the biggest job sites in the world throughout a worldwide network of over
200,000 distributors.

Solutions through our Distribution Channel

Throughout the world, Sika is providing performant solutions to make you the best expert on your job. Sika products offer you a wide range of solutions, which goes from waterproofing, to concrete repair, to flooring systems, and so much more!

Distribution Partners

Sika products have been approved on the biggest job sites in the world, and we believe that everyone deserves the best solution for their job site, regardless of the size of the project. This is why Sika products are available through a wide network of distributors, so that you can find the expertise of Sika everywhere.

Builder's Merchants

By supplying construction materials and Sika’s solutions, builder's merchants offer contractors and craftsmen the convenience they are looking for.

Home Centers

With Sika’s products, home centers offer the choice of proven, durable solutions to the serious DIYer and consumer for their home improvement needs.

Hardware Stores

With their solutions for home improvement and Sika's products, hardware stores supply craftsmen with long-lasting solutions.

Online Stores

Sika's solutions are also available online, thanks to our pure online distributors and the online stores of our brick-and-mortar distribution partners.

Paint Dealers

Efficient Sika solutions including sealants, concrete repair, waterproofing and façade products can be found in paint dealers’ shops, so that painters across the world find what they need.

Floor Covering Dealers

With solutions for all types of floor covering systems, Sika’s products are available through the floor covering dealers network, so that floors can last many years to come.

Roofing Dealers

Sika offers professional waterproofing solutions for roofers through special roofing distributors, such products as sheet membranes, polyurethane adhesives and waterproofing tapes.

How we support our Distribution Partners

The Sika brand stands for professional expertise and service. Our partners can directly benefit from our know-how by taking advantage of our trainings, product documentations as well as sales support and technical service.

Our competence together with our strong brand helps to differentiate assortment. Furthermore we support in the sales development to increase the rotation of products.