Sika® Raingard-Pro MY

Decorative and Anti-carbonation Protective coating for External walls and Facades

Sika® Raingard-Pro MY is a one part, plasto-elastic coating based on acrylic dispersion with excellent weather resistance and crack-bridging properties. Sika® Raingard-Pro MY is specially designed for exposed walls and facades, with an excellent resistance to dirty retention, fungi and algae growth. It forms a flexible protective coat, impermeable to aggressive agents in the atmosphere (CO2) while allowing substrate to breathe.

  • Decorative protection of concrete facades
  • Excellent carbonation barrier
  • Long term UV resistance
  • High diffusion resistance to CO2
  • Water vapor permeable, allowing substrate to breathe
  • Can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray
  • Low VOC, environment friendly