Sika® Injection-304

Polyacrylic elastic injection resin for permanent watertight sealing

Sika® Injection-304 is a very low viscous, elastic and very quick-gelling polyacrylic injection resin with a versatile and adjustable gelling time. The material reacts to form a waterproof, elastic and solid gel with good adhesion to both dry and wet substrates.

  • Permanently elastic
  • Capable of reversibly absorbing (swelling) and releasing (shrinking) moisture
  • Adjustable gelling times at various temperature ranges
  • Very low viscosity comparable to water
  • Cured Sika® Injection-304 is insoluble in water and hydrocarbons and resistant to acids and alkalis
  • Resistant to alternating freeze and thaw exposure
  • Injected with a two component pump