Sika® Icosit® KC 340/45

2-part polyurethane grout for continuous embedded tracks with medium axle loads

Sika® Icosit® KC 340/45 is a flexible 2-part polyurethane polymer resin grout that can be applied manually or by machine. It is designed as a vibration absorbing, load-bearing, flexible grout for fixing grooved or T–rails onto concrete slabs, steel bridge decks and tunnel invert slabs. Particularly suitable for embedded (floating) rail designs.

  • Medium axle loads and standard deflection
  • Noise & vibration suppression
  • More uniform load distribution into substructure
  • Watertight undersealing
  • Flexible, elastic (shore A 55)
  • Damping, compressible
  • Good electrical insulation against stray currents
  • Excellent adhesion on various substrates
  • Levels out tolerances
  • Suitable as a powerful, shear-resistant adhesive
  • Absorbs dynamic stresses and prolongs the life of concrete substructure
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Long durability, less maintenance