SikaRapid®-1 MY

Hardening accelerator

SikaRapid®-1 MY is a new generation hardening accelerator for concrete and mortar. It increases the early strengths of concrete without negatively influencing final strengths.

SikaRapid®-1 MY is normally used in combination with a superplasticiser. The addition of SikaRapid®-1 MY does not change the positive properties (for example fluidifying, slump retaining, etc.) of the superplasticiser. Depending on the dosage of SikaRapid®-1 MY an increase in early strengths during the first 24 hours of up to 100 % in comparison with normal Sikament® concrete can be achieved. Depending on the brand of cement-type used and the temperature of the fresh concrete, the effect may vary slightly. It is recommended to combine SikaRapid®-1 MY only with normal setting types of Sikament®.