Sika® Aer 50/50

High air entraining admixture for pumpable lightweight concrete or grout

Sika® Aer 50/50 is a foaming agent for lightweight pumped or poured concrete or grout used in structures characterised by very high noise and thermal isolation and for low strength concrete or grout fillings. Sika® Aer 50/50 is a high concentrated liquid foaming admixture for concrete made with lightweight aggregates (expanded clays and polystyrene) or for all other kinds of concrete or grout where high air content is required. Due to its stabilising components Sika® Aer 50/50 allows one to produce a very high stable air content during the work and pumping time. The volume of concrete or grout after pumping or pouring is extremely stable. Depending on the quality of sands, lightweight aggregate, cement and water content, Sika® Aer 50/50 allows the production of concrete with a specific weight of 800–1 000 kg per cubic meter.  

Sika® Aer 50/50 is a user-friendly product. Lightweight concrete or grout can be made using conventional mixers and truck mixers