Sika Solutions for Waterproofing Specialists

  • Waterproofing


    Pits and ponds:
    Membranes used in drinking water reservoirs, pools for irrigation and clean process water in industry. Special membranes for artificial lakes and other storage requires special membranes to protect the soil and groundwater from contamination.

  • Excellence for Specialists

    Excellence for Specialists

    Sika is committed to proven and economic water-tight solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Sika considers the entire waterproofing process to the very last detail.

  • New waterproofing - SikaProof A

    New waterproofing - SikaProof A

    Get the latest on the market, the system solution combining the insulation permanently to the structure. The SikaProof A is used both to produce damp proof and anti-water concrete underground structures - newly built facilities and expansions.

  • swimming pools

    swimming pools

    Internal linings of private or public in-/outdoor swimming pools with different Sikaplan PVC membranes in different colors. For natural swimming pool is a special TPO membrane available.

  • Sustainable Waterproofing

    Sustainable Waterproofing

    For over 100 years we supply high quality waterproofing systems for all objects. Our goal is to provide innovative technologies, system solutions with even the most demanding projects.

  • Structures and foundations

    Structures and foundations

    Sika technologies and solutions used in waterproofing of underground structures are systems of flexible membranes, liquid membranes, concrete waterproofing, joint sealing, waterproof mortar, injection and waterproof coatings. Key market segments include waterproofing basements, underground car parks, tunnels and water retaining structures (dams, ponds and storage tanks).